Student Highlight: Natcha Luechakiettisak, Undergraduate at Auburn University


Natcha Luechakiettisak, undergraduate student at Auburn University

Natcha Luechakiettisak is an undergraduate student at Auburn University working with Dr. Huaguo Zhou and Dr. Rod Turochy on a STRIDE project titled Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study Data. On this project Natcha is tasked with observing videos of roadways to determine work zone issues and categorizes these observations into three types: work zone on the left, work zone on the right and work zone on both ways. To Natcha, the most interesting part about this project is the analysis of the role of speed and distraction in work zone crashes and near crashes because driver factors have not been as well studied and it’s difficult to determine from crash data. However, the main contributors are inattentive driving, speeding, and other unsafe driver behaviors. Natcha’s ultimate goal is to achieve a Ph.D. in civil engineering and to create an impact in society through being a civil engineer. Future plans include obtaining the FE license before graduating with a bachelor’s degree and working in the private sector before going back to graduate school.