K-12 at Tennessee Technological University

STEM in Motion Teacher Workshop

Tennessee Tech University (TTU) College of Engineering, College of Education, and the Oakley STEM Center collaboratively led a two and a half-day teacher workshop called STEM in Motion on June 25-26 and August 24, 2019. Sixteen middle school teachers learned about tools and resources to incorporate transportation topics into their science and math lessons. The first day introduced teachers to effective STEM practices, the future of transportation, the Dream Big film, techniques for incorporating transportation into the classroom, and hands-on activities from NanoSonic (https://stride.ce.ufl.edu/k-12-workforce-development/resources-for-educators/). In the morning of the second day, teachers used mousetrap cars to learn about stopping distances and then worked in groups to develop lessons they could pilot with students in the afternoon using the cars, Pro-Bots, and K-Nex. After the two-days, teachers were given time to develop their own lessons which they shared with the rest of the group on the third workshop day in August.