Photo of Ines Aviles-Spadoni

Ines Aviles-Spadoni

Research Manager

Photo of Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

The Citadel

Photo of J. Darryll Dockstader

J. Darryll Dockstader

Manager, Research Center, Florida Department of Transportation

Photo of Lily Elefteriadou

Lily Elefteriadou

Professor & Director, UFTI/STRIDE

Photo of Amy Fu

Amy Fu

STRIDE Graduate Research Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Gomez

Jennifer Gomez

UFTI Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mohammed Hadi

Mohammed Hadi

Florida International University

Photo of Mike Hunter

Mike Hunter

Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Neil Mastin

Neil Mastin

Manager, Transportation Program Management/R&D, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Photo of Noreen Mcdonald

Noreen Mcdonald

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Photo of Dimitra Michalaka

Dimitra Michalaka

The Citadel

Photo of Vahid Motevalli

Vahid Motevalli

Tennessee Technological University

Michelle Owens

R&D Bureau Chief/Research & Development, Alabama Department of Transportation

Photo of Robert E. Perry

Robert E. Perry

State Traffic Management Engineer, South Carolina Department of Transportation

Photo of Virginia Sisiopiku

Virginia Sisiopiku

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Photo of Cynthia J. Smith

Cynthia J. Smith

State Research Engineer, Mississippi Department of Transportation

Photo of Rod Turochy

Rod Turochy

Auburn University

Photo of Ondine Wells

Ondine Wells

STRIDE K-12 & Technology Transfer Coordinator

Photo of Robert Whalin

Robert Whalin

Jackson State University

Photo of Billy M. Williams

Billy M. Williams

North Carolina State University