Researcher Toolbox

Researcher Toolbox

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports are required for all STRIDE-funded research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer projects. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for gathering all pertinent information from the research team to produce one report per quarter. PIs should send the report to Ines Aviles-Spadoni (STRIDE research coordinator) at The template and other supporting documents for the preparation of the reports are posted below.

Quarterly Report Template for Research Projects (updated) [download]

K-12 Quarterly Report Template (updated) [download]

Progress Schedule (updated) [download]
(please include as a PDF inserted into to your research quarterly report)

***The due date for your quarterly report is dependent upon your project’s start date. However, the schedule is as follows: April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15.***

Final Reports

A draft of the final report is due to the STRIDE Center at least last three months before the project’s end date. The draft final report should be sent to Ines Aviles-Spadoni (STRIDE research coordinator) at This time period allows for the external peer review process, as well as the eventual preparation and delivery of the final research report by the principal investigator on the project. PIs will be responsible for incorporating reviewer comments into the final report. All final reports will be sent to the various entities as specified in the 2016 USDOT/OST-R Grant Deliverables and Requirements for UTCs document within two months after projects have been completed.

Final Report Guidelines and Template [download]

Technology Transfer Final Report Template [download]

K-12 Final Report Guidelines and Template [download]

All final reports will be subject to 508 Compliance requirements for accessibility. Below are some resources to assist researchers in ensuring that their reports meet the accessibility requirement.

Webinar: “Accessibility for Document Creators and Providers” [slides]

National Transportation Library 508/Accessibility Guide [view]

U.S. DOT Public Access and Data Management Review [link]

Accessibility for Document Creators and Providers [link]

Data Management Plan & Data Repository

The STRIDE Center requires that each funded project include a formal Data Management Plan (DMP) that describes in detail how data pertaining to the project will be generated, collected, managed, stored, protected, re-used, archived and persevered. This document must be generated for each project at the STRIDE Center. We consider the DMP to be a living document, which should be updated as necessary.  Any changes to it should be submitted to the STRIDE Center along with the respective quarterly report. The STRIDE Center has chosen Zenodo as the repository for archiving and preserving data generated from funded projects. Principal investigators are required to deposit data into the STRIDE Center’s “community” in Zenodo within 30 days after submission of the final report.

STRIDE Center Data Management Plan [view]

Data Management Plan Timeline [view]

STRIDE Data Project Collection is curated with Zenodo: 

To upload your data, visit:

Scheduling a Webinar

Please contact Ondine Wells to schedule your webinar. Below are some general instructions.

How to Schedule a Webinar

Please send the following information:

  • 2 preferred dates (Wednesdays when you are available between 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM)
  • Name and affiliation of speaker(s) giving the webinar*
  • Title for the webinar – Please try to make the main title short and “catchy” if possible to garner interest. If you want a longer, more descriptive subtitle, that is fine.
  • A headshot of speaker(s)
  • Brief description of the webinar (3-4 sentences in easy to understand language)
  • Keywords

* Note about Speakers -The main/featured speaker of the webinar should be one of the PIs/Co-PIs on the research project. The PI should be the main speaker providing the bulk of the content (as well as the introduction and closing).  Alternatively, the faculty member can designate a staff researcher to be the main speaker.  A doctoral or MS student may participate in the webinar IF they are an exceptional presenter and a significant contributor to the research.

Format of Webinar – Please let us know which format you would like to use:

Research-focused – This follows the traditional webinar style of presenting and overview of your research. Please spend the majority of your time on the findings and how these can be applied. Ideally your presentation would be no more than 20 minutes followed by Q&A or discussion with your invited stakeholder (optional).


Product-focused with Guest Stakeholder – This format would focus on the product that you developed as a result of your research. You may use our presentation template or your own. You can find examples of product presentations on our YouTube playlist “STRIDE Products”:

  • Speakers: Lead Researcher, Invited Stakeholder(s)
  • Presentation focuses on the product (rather than outlining the research project, methods, results)
  • Presenters would prepare and a slideshow of their product using the template we created for the Showcase (see examples at or their own variation on this.
  • First 10 min of webinar: Introductions and presenting the product
  • Next 15 min of webinar: Discussion between presenter and one or more stakeholders about the product/research and how it could be applied or adopted
  • Last 5 min of webinar:  Q&A from participants
  • Ideally the stakeholder is someone who has been involved in the project, is aware of it, and has an interest in seeing the product/research applied/adopted.