Final Reports

TypeProject IDProject Title PIAffiliationCo-PIFinal ReportOther Products
ResearchB2Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study DataDr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou, AUAUDr. Rod Turochy, AULink
ResearchGTransit in the Era of Shared MobilityDr. Kari WatkinsGaTechDr. Noreen McDonald, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Ruth Steiner, UF
Dr. Billy Williams, NCSU
Tech Transfer2016-016Evaluating the Relationship Between School Site Selection, Residential Developments and School Transportation in North CarolinaDr. Noreen McDonaldUNC Chapel HillDr. Ruth Steiner, UFLink
Tech Transfer2016-013Technology Transfer: Distracted Driving – Overview Summary of Ways to AlleviateDr. Robert PetersUABDr. Despina Stavrinos, UABLink
Tech Transfer2016-012Practitioner Workshop on School Siting and School Transportation ImpactsDr. Noreen McDonaldUNC Chapel HillLink
Tech Transfer2016-011Technology Transfer: Educational and Professional Training Modules on Green/ Sustainability Design and Ratings Systems Workshop Dr. Robert PetersUABLink
Tech Transfer2016-010Sidewalk Survey Implementation for the Southeast RegionDr. Randall GuenslerGaTechLink
Tech Transfer2016-009Bike & Place: A New Tool for Designing Active, Place-Making Transportation Networks – An Exploratory StudyDr. Brian MortonUNC Chapel HillLink
Tech Transfer2016-008Using Interactive Virtual Presence to Support Accurate Installation of Child Restraints: Efficacy and Parental PerceptionsDr. David Schwebel UABLink
Tech Transfer2016-007Cycle Atlanta SWIFT DevelopmentDr. Kari WatkinsGaTechLink
Tech Transfer2016-001Evaluation of Traffic Control Options in Work Zone Dr. Virginia SisiopikuUABLink
Tech Transfer2016Infrastructure Adaptation Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Dr. Yafeng YinUFLink
Tech Transfer2016Workshops on Dynamic ATM Strategy Selection Tool (FREEVAL-DSS) Dr. Nagui RouphailNCSUWorkshop 1: Link
Workshop 2: Link
Workshop 3: Link
Tech Transfer2016Empowering Girls in Science and EngineeringDr. Virginia SisiopikuUABLink
Tech Transfer2016Technology Transfer Workshops Based on A Regional Land Use Transportation Decision Support Tool for MississippiDr. Brian MortonUNC Chapel HillLink
Tech Transfer2016Development of Support Systems, Instructional Modules, and a Case Study for the Enhanced Driving Simulator at the Gator Tech Smart HouseDr. Siva SrinivasanUFLink
Tech Transfer2015Development of Case Studies, Numerical Exercises, and Instructional Modules for Teaching Roadway Safety Analysis Dr. Siva SrinivasanUFLinkLink
Tech Transfer2015Statewide Training of Safety Analyst in FloridaDr. Priyanka Alluri, PEFIULinkLink
Tech Transfer2015Workshops Related to STRIDE-funded Study of Multi-modal Costs of School TransportationDr. Noreen McDonaldUNC Chapel HillLink
Tech Transfer2015Workshop for Managed Lanes on ArterialsDr. Yafeng YinUFLink
Research2013-083SUsing Crowdsourcing to Prioritize Bicycle Route Network ImprovementsDr. Jeffrey LaMondiaAuburn UniversityDr. Kari Watkins, GaTechLink
Research2013-062SDistracted Driving – It is not always a choice.Dr. Mike HunterGaTechDr. Gregory Corso, MSULink
Research2013-051SInvestigating the Effect of Drivers’ Body Motion on Traffic SafetyDr. Angelos BarmpoutisUFDr. Alexandra Kondyli, UF
Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UAB
Research2013-034SOn-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) Data Integration into Traffic Microsimulation for Vehicle-Specific Fuel Use and Emissions Modeling and In-Vehicle App TestingDr. Scott WashburnUFDr. Christopher Frey, NCSU
Dr. Nagui Rouphail, NCSU
Research2013-032SSchool Transportation: Development of an Education ModuleDr. Noreen McDonaldUNC Chapel HillDr. Ruth Steiner, UFLink
Research2013-030SGIS-Based Instructional Tool for Crash Prediction MethodsDr. Ilir BejleriUFDr. Siva Srinivasan, UFLink
Research2013-028SEngineers Change the World: A Hands-on Workshop for 13- to 18-Year-Old GirlsDr. James MartinNCSUNancy R. Bailey, MLS, NCSU
Leslie Washburn, PE, BS, UF
Research2013-022SSignal Timing Optimization with Consideration of Environmental and Safety ImpactsDr. Mohammed HadiFIUDr. Lily Elefteriadou, UFFinal Report A: Link
Final Report B: Link
Research2013-018SApplying Livability Performance Measures to Transportation Plans and ProjectsLeigh Blackmon LaneNCSULink
Research2013-009SDynamic Traffic Control Interventions for Enhanced Mobility and Economic CompetitivenessDr. Nagui RouphailNCSUDr. Mohammed Hadi, FIULink
Research2013-004STeaching Schoolchildren Pedestrian Safety: A Pragmatic Trial Using Virtual RealityDr. David Schwebel UABDr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UAB
Dr. Daniel Rodriguez, UNC Chapel Hill
K-122013K-12 Workforce Development Projects: Georgia TechLinkProject Website: Link
ASEE Paper
K-122013K-12 Workforce Development Projects: NCSULink
K-122013K-12 Workforce Development Projects: UABLink
K-122013K-12 Workforce Development Projects: UFLink
Research2012-095SA Naturalistic Driving Study across the LifespanDr. Despina StavrinosUABDr. Lesley Ross, UABLink
Research2012-089SComparative Analysis of Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Managed LanesDr. Jorge LavalGaTechDr. Yafeng Yin, UF
Dr. Yingyan Lou, UA
Research2012-085SEngaging Engineering Students with Transportation Safety: An Educational ModuleDr. Lesley StrawdermanMSULinkLink
Research2012-078SAnalyzing the Impact of Carbon Regulatory Mechanisms on Supply Chain ManagementDr. Sandra EksiogluMSUDr. Joseph GeunesLink
Research2012-076SSignalized Intersection Simulation Program for EducationDr. Scott WashburnUFLink
Research2012-067SAutomated Sidewalk Quality and Safety Assessment SystemDr. Randall GuenslerGaTechLinkLink
Research2012-051SDevelopment of Educational & Professional Training Modules on Green/Sustainability Design & Rating Systems for Neighborhood Development & TransportationDr. Robert W. PetersUABDr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UAB
Dr. Adjo Amekudzi, GaTech
Research2012-049SDevelopment of Graduate Level Course on Sustainable Asphalt PavementsDr. James Richard WillisAULinkLink
Research2012-042SInvestigation of ATDM Strategies to Reduce the Probability of BreakdownDr. Mohammed HadiFIUDr. Lily Elefteriadou, UFLink
Research2012-036SConsequence Based Route Selection for Hazardous Material Cargo: GIS-Based Time Progression of Environmental Impact Radius of Accidental SpillsDr. Berrin TanselFIUDr. Adjo Amekudzi, GaTech
Dr. Nasim Uddin, UAB
Research2012-029SDeveloping a New Course for Public Transportation EducationDr. Kari WatkinsGaTechDr. Jeffrey LaMondia, AULinkLink
Research2012-028SDevelopment of Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Course ModulesDr. Daniel RodriguezUNC Chapel HillDr. Rod Turochy, AULink
Research2012-024STowards a Holistic Understanding of Quality of Life: An Analysis of Activity-Travel Patterns on Non-Mid-week DaysDr. Siva SrinivasanUFDr. Xia Jin, FIULink
Research2012-022SQuantifying the Costs of School TransportationDr. Noreen McDonaldUNC Chapel HillDr. Ruth Steiner, UF
Dr. Thomas Cook, NCSU
Research2012-016SEmpirically-Based Performance Assessment and Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior at Unsignalized CrossingsDr. Bastian SchroederNCSUDr. Lily Elefteriadou, UF
Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UAB
Research2012-014SEmissions Modeling and Implementation into CORSIM Dr. Scott WashburnUFDr. Nagui Rouphail, NCSU
Dr. H. Christopher Frey, NCSU
Research2012-009SEngineers Change the World: A Hands-on Workshop for 13- to 18-Year-Old Girls (Year 1)James Martin, P.E.NCSUNancy R. Bailey, MLS, NCSU
Leslie Washburn, PE, BS, UF
Research2012-003SA Regional Land Use Transportation Decision Support Tool for MississippiDr. Brian MortonUNC Chapel HillJohn Poros, MSU
Joe Huegy, NCSU
K-122012K-12 Workforce Development Projects: FIULink
K-122012K-12 Workforce Development Projects: MSULink
K-122012K-12 Workforce Development Projects: NCSULink
K-122012K-12 Workforce Development Projects: UABLink
K-122012K-12 Workforce Development Projects: UFLink