Active Research Projects

Project IDProject TitlePIUniversityStatus
AImpact of Smartphone Applications on Trip Routing & Congestion ManagementDr. Angshuman Guin, GaTechGaTech, FIU, JSUActive
BTechnology Influence on Travel Demand & BehaviorsDr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UABUAB, UNC Chapel Hill, UF, FIUIn Review
CPerformance Measurement & Management Using Connected & Automated Vehicle DataDr. Mohammed Hadi, FIUFIU, UAB, UFActive
DEvaluation of Advanced Vehicle and Communication Technologies through Traffic MicrosimulationDr. Lily Elefteriadou, UFUF, GaTechActive
EPredicting Congestion: The Challenge of Shifting Travel Behavior on Estimating Trip Generation, Traffic and Other System ImpactsDr. Ruth Steiner, UFUF, UNC Chapel HillActive
FIntegrated Implementation of Innovative Intersection DesignsDr. Nagui Rouphail, NCSUNCSU, CitadelIn Review
GTransit in the Era of Shared MobilityDr. Kari Watkins, GaTechGaTech, NCSU, UF, UNC Chapel HillComplete
HStrategies for Mitigating Congestion in Small Urban & Rural AreasDr. Dimitra Michalaka, CitadelCitadel, TTU, UF, GaTechActive
IFreeway Management for Optimal ReliabilityDr. Yafeng Yin, UMUM, NCSU, GaTech, AUIn Review
JWork Zone Planning, Design, & OperationsDr. Rod Turochy, AUAU, UAB, NCSU, GaTechActive
A2Changing Access to Public Transportation & the Potential for Increased TravelDr. Kari Watkins, GaTechGaTech, UNC Chapel Hill, NCSU, UFActive
B2Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study DataDr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou, AUAUComplete
C2Urban Freight & PlanningDr. Noreen McDonald, UNC Chapel HillUNC Chapel Hill, UFActive
D2UF & UAB's Phase I Demonstration Study: Older Driver Experiences with Autonomous Vehicle TechnologyDr. Sherrilene Classen, UFUF, UABActive
E2Establishing a Dual Generational Modality Dataset: Comparing the Riding-Sharing Adoption Trends & Perspectives of Consumers of From Two Generational Cohorts, Millennials & Gen X'ersDr. Abhinav Alakshendra, UFUF, UNC Chapel HillActive
F2Discovering Potential Market for the Integration of Public Transportation & Emerging Shared-Mobility ServicesDr. Lili Du, UFUF, FIUActive
G2Quantitatively Evaluate Work Zone Driver Behavior Using 2D Imaging, 3D LiDAR, & Artificial Intelligence in Support of Congestion Mitigation Model Calibration & ValidationDr. Yichang (James) Tsai, GaTechGaTech, AUActive
H2Fly-By Image Processing for Real Time Congestion MitigationDr. Nasim Uddin, UABUAB, NCSUActive
I2Mitigating Network Congestion by Integrating Transportation Network Companies & Urban TransitDr. Virginia Sisiopiku, UABUAB, FIUActive
J2Real-Time Data-Based Decision Support System for Arterial Traffic ManagementDr. Mohammed Hadi, FIUFIU, UFActive
K2Assessing and Addressing Deficiencies in the HCM Weaving Segment AnalysesDr. Nagui Rouphail, NCSUNCSU, UFActive
L2Understanding Relationships between the Built Environment, Physical Activity, Public Health, Urban Mobility, and Traffic Congestion: Graduate Curriculum DevelopmentDr. Dimitra Michalaka, CitadelCitadel, MUSCActive
M2Comparing and Combining Existing and Emerging Data Collection and Modeling Strategies in Support of Signal Control Optimization and ManagementDr. Mohammed Hadi, FIUFIU, UABActive
N2Data Fusion for Signalized Arterial Performance MeasurementThomas Chase, NCSUNCSUActive
O2Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Approach to Traffic Flow with Autonomous/Connected VehiclesDr. Robert Whalin, JSUJSUActive
P2Development of Guidance for Scheduling of Freeway Work Zones to Minimize Congestion ImpactsDr. Rod Turochy, AUAU, UABActive
Q2Enabling the Shared Transportation RevolutionDr. Kari Watkins, GaTechGaTechActive
A3UF & UAB’s Phase 2 Demonstration Study: Developing a Model to Support Transportation System Decisions considering the Experiences of Drivers of all Age Groups with Autonomous Vehicle TechnologyDr. Sherrilene Classen, UFUF, UABActive
B3Micro-Mobility as a Solution to Reduce Urban Traffic CongestionDr. Xilei Zhao, UFUF, UABActive
C3Emerging Mobility Services for the Transportation DisadvantagedDr. Eleni Bardaka, NCSUNCSU, AU, UF, FIU, UNCActive
D3Developing a Methodology to Evaluate Detours for Major Construction Projects in the Era of Real-Time Route GuidanceDr. Andrew Sullivan, UABUABActive
E3Locating and Costing Congestion for School Buses and Public TransportationDr. Kai Monast, NCSUNCSU, UFActive
F3Evaluation of Operation, Transportation Network Infrastructure, Safety, and Travel Mode Coordination of Electric-Powered Pedal-Assist Bike Share SystemsDr. Jeff Davis, CitadelCitadel, GaTechActive
G3Utilization of Connected and Automated Vehicles in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision MakingDr. Mohammed Hadi, FIUFIU, UF, UAB. GaTech, NCSUActive
H3Smartphone-Based Incentive Framework for Dynamic Network-Level Traffic Congestion ManagementDr. Srinivas Peeta, GaTechGaTech, UFActive
I3Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study Data, Phase IIDr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou, AuburnAUActive
J3Identifying and Mitigating Congestion OnsetDr. George List and Dr. Billy Williams, NCSUNCSU, GaTech, FIUActive
K3Traffic Congestion Identification and Prediction based on Image Processing and Deep Learning MethodsDr. Robert Whalin, JSUJSU, Active