Course Materials Developed by STRIDE

Course Materials Developed by STRIDE

Note:  These courses and the information contained within are solely for educational purposes and are not to be used for profit.


Curbside Management Module | [See module materials]
STRIDE Project Q2 | PIs: Kari Watkins, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology and Rebecca Kiriazes, Ph.D., (formerly a doctoral student at Georgia Institute of Technology)

Public Health, Physical Activity, & Design of the Built Environment | [Course Website]
STRIDE Project L2 | PIs: Dimitra Michalaka, Ph.D., The Citadel; Jeff Davis, Ph.D., The Citadel; Daniel Bornstein, Ph.D., Founding Principal, DBornstein Solutions, LLC.
[Course website posted soon]

A Transportation Safety Module for Undergraduate Students
STRIDE Project 2012-085S | PI: Leslie Strawderman, Ph.D. (MSU)

Instructional Modules for Teaching Roadway Safety Analysis [Instructional Modules 1, 2 & 3]
STRIDE Project 2015-004 | PI: Siva Srinivasan, Ph.D. (UF)

Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Short Series 
STRIDE Project 2012-028S | PI: Daniel Rodriguez, Ph.D. (UNC Chapel Hill)

Public Transportation Course Modules [Course website]
STRIDE Project 2012-029S | PIs: Kari Watkins, Ph.D. (GaTech) and Jeff LaMondia, Ph.D. (AU)

School Transportation: Development of an Educational Module [Course website]
STRIDE Project 2013-032S | PIs: Noreen McDonald, Ph.D. (UNC Chapel Hill) and Ruth Steiner, Ph.D. (UF)

Signalized Intersection Simulation Program for Education [Course website]
STRIDE Project 2012-076S | PI: Scott Washburn, P.E., Ph.D. (UF)

Sustainable Pavements Course [Course website]
STRIDE Project 2012-049S | PI: J. Richard Willis, Ph.D. (AU)

Training Modules on Green/Sustainability Design and Rating Systems for Neighborhood Development and Transportation [Course website]
STRIDE Projects 2012-051S | PIs: Robert Peters, Ph.D. (UAB), Virginia Sisiopiku, Ph.D. (UAB), and Adjo Amekudzi, Ph.D. (GaTech)