STRIDE Project G3

STRIDE Project G3

Utilization of Connectivity and Automation in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision Making


Mohammed Hadi, Ph.D. (FIU)
Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D. (UF)
Angshuman Guin, Ph.D. (GaTech)
Mike Hunter, Ph.D. (GaTech)
Nagui Rouphail, Ph.D. (NCSU)
Shoaib Samandar, Ph.D. (NCSU)

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Abstract: Studies from around the world have started investigating aspects of ATV simulation. However, these efforts are still in their infancy, and are constrained by the limited amount of real-world data to validate and calibrate the developed models. The existence of some work on this subject does not mean that the conducted research up to this point is sufficient. In fact, we expect that ATV modeling and simulation will be an important area of research for many years to come. There is a need to examine existing studies and guidance on the subject, collect information from these studies to inform the developments and guidance of ATV simulation, and provide additional developments and guidance to support ATV simulation. This project makes use of existing information and data to provide guidance and use cases to support agency use of simulations of ATV. Specifically, this project provides: 1) An assessment of the existing research, developments, models, and methods that enable the simulation of ATV; 2) A documentation of state agency needs regarding planning and operations of highways with ATV presence; 3) A modeling framework(s) and guidance for ATV and the associated applications for use by transportation agencies; 4) Demonstration of the use of simulation to use cases that require assessing the highway operations with ATV presence.