Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study Data, Phase II

Dr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou, Auburn University
Dr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou, Auburn University

Research Team

Huaguo Hugo Zhou, Auburn University
Rod Turochy, Auburn University

UTC Project Info

In order to keep the national highway system functional, maintenance and construction works are essential and necessary. However, the freeway work zone activities also result in crashes and excessive delays. Work zone mobility has become a major concern for transportation agencies. This proposed work is the second phase for the previous project that utilized a NDS dataset to evaluate the traffic flows in three different freeway work zone configurations (lane closure (LC) 2-1, shoulder Closure (SC) 3-3 and 2-2). The findings in Phase I suggested that the NDS data can be used to predict work zone capacity, estimate free-flow speed (FFS), develop car-following models, and study the headway distribution by driver types at different congestion levels. Due to limited funding and project time, the research team was unable to collect complete NDS trip data in addition to the complimentary NDS work zone dataset. Thus, in the second phase, more complete work zone traversals from all types of drivers in NDS dataset will be requested to update the preliminary results from Phase I. The results of the second phase will be able to develop useful tools to improve current practices in work zone planning, design and simulation studies.