GaTech’s Transportation Camp South

Faculty and students affiliated with the STRIDE Center from the Georgia Institute of Technology hosted Transportation Camp South on February 24, 2018, in Atlanta, Ga. Transportation Camp South is an “unconference”, which is programmed and led by attendees. The agenda is set the day of the conference and participants can propose a session. The format encourages everyone to become involved in discussions with the goal of generating new ideas. Dr. Kari Watkins organized the unconference along with partners at Conveyal, Imagine Atlanta, Advance Atlanta, Citizens for Progressive Transit, and the Atlanta Regional Commission.

David Ederer, a Georgia Tech doctoral student, participated in a session on Transformational Technologies Implementation Updates, hosted by the Georgia Department of Transportation.  “With several pieces of legislation in the Georgia legislature proposing to fund and expand transit in the Atlanta region, transportation is a hot topic for professionals, politicos, and passersby,” said Ederer.

Transportation Camp featured plenty of sessions, and those in attendance included researchers, policymakers, advocates, and students who traveled to Atlanta from Tennessee and Alabama and as far as Massachusetts to attend this event. Topics discussed ranged from developing better bicycle and pedestrian performance metrics to regional transit governance to designing better bus routes.

“This was the 5th Transportation Camp South, and it would not have been possible without generous support from STRIDE,” said Watkins. “Transportation Camp South fills a key need to bring together practitioners, researchers, and the public to discuss transportation issues facing the Southeast and how to solve them.”

To view the full list of sessions, visit,  Look for the next Transportation Camp South in February 2019!