STRIDE Workforce Development Summit Empowers Transportation Professionals to Solve the Congestion Challenges of the Future

By: Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S. Earlier this year, STRIDE spearheaded a project led by Dr. Nithin Agarwal, director of the University of Florida Transportation Institute’s (UFTI) Technology Transfer (T2) Center, which focused on transforming transportation education and practices in the southeastern… Read More

STRIDE’s Student of the Year for 2023: Bryce Grame

By: Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S. Each year, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) University Transportation Center’s (UTC) program recognizes a student from each UTC across the nation for their achievements and promise for future contributions to the field of transportation. This… Read More

Algorithm Tested at SunTrax Plugfest Improves Traffic Signal to Ensure Pedestrian Safety

By: Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S. Researchers from the University of Florida Transportation Institute’s (UFTI) I-STREET Living Lab traveled in May 2023 to the SunTrax Test Facility in Auburndale, Fla., to test an algorithm they created that optimizes and operates traffic signals,… Read More

Student Spotlight: Jeremy Griffith

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., STRIDE Research Coordinator Jeremy Griffith is a master’s student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florida (UF). He completed his undergraduate studies in 2020 majoring in Sustainability and the Build… Read More

Student Spotlight: Agustin Guerra

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., STRIDE Research Coordinator After spending years living in one of Latin America’s most congested cities, Agustin Guerra, a transportation doctoral student in the University of Florida (UF) Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering, set his sights… Read More

STRIDE Funded Work Yields New Weaving Segment Capacity & Speed Estimation Models for the HCM

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., STRIDE Research Coordinator The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) is a guide for transportation practitioners that includes concepts, guidelines, and computational procedures for calculating the capacity and quality of service for highways, freeways, roads, roundabouts, intersections, and… Read More

STRIDE 2022 Student of the Year – Matteo Saracco

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., STRIDE Research Coordinator Congratulations to Matteo Saracco, a master’s student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), for being selected as the STRIDE Center 2022 Student of the Year. For more than three decades, the… Read More

STRIDE Student Spotlight: Di Wu, Doctoral Student, Jackson State University

Massive amounts of data points are generated by transportation infrastructure, traffic, travel demand, autonomous and connected vehicles (CAVs), and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This data must be processed and analyzed. The question is, how can all this data be captured… Read More