STRIDE 2023 Student Poster Showcase & Competition

Abdullah Al Farabi, Subid Ghimire, and Matteo Saracco


1st Place – Matteo Saracco of GaTech (Poster: Carving Up the Curb: Evaluating Curb Management Strategies for Ride-Hailing & Ride-Sharing Activity through Simulation) [Poster] [Video]

2nd Place – Subid Ghimire of North Carolina State University (Poster: Spatial & Temporal Characteristics of Microtransit Trips: A Case Study of Wilson) [Poster] [Video]

3rd Place – Abdullah Al Farabi of North Carolina State University (Poster: Integrated Corridor Management by Cooperative Traffic Signal & Ramp Metering Control) [Poster] [Video]

The STRIDE Center invites students to participate in the 2023 Student Poster Showcase & Competition. Posters will be showcased and judged online and will be physically displayed during the University of Florida Transportation Institute Reception,  which will take place on Monday, January 9, 2023, at Penn Social (801 E Street NW Washington, DC), 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Judges will review the presentations posted online and will select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners who will be announced at the UFTI reception on January 9, 2023. Winners will receive awards worth $500, $350, and $250, respectively. To be eligible, student must have worked on STRIDE-funded or cost share projects.  

Instructions for Students ***IMPORTANT***

Student Posters & 3-Minute Videos

Al Farabi, Abdullah, NCSU [Poster] [Video]
Amine, Kamar, FIU, [Poster] [Video]
Anne, Viswa Sri Rupa, GaTech [Poster] [Video]
Cherubala, Malikia, NCSU [Poster] [Video]
Das, Tanmay, NCSU [Poster] [Video]
Ding, Zijuan, GaTech [Poster] [Video]
Ghimire, Subid, NCSU [Poster] [Video]
Grame, Bryce, UF [Poster] [Video]
Guerra, Agustin, UF [Poster] [Video]
Hasan, Mithila, UAB [Poster] [Video]
Jabin, Atika, FIU [Poster] [Video]
Jafarzadehfadaki, Mostafa, UAB [Poster] [Video]
Karamouzis, Orestis, UF [Poster] [Video]
Kibet, Leonida, UF [Poster] [Video]
Mamun, Md Mahmud Hasan, FIU [Poster] [Video]
Saracco, Matteo, GaTech [Poster] [Video]
Wu, Di, JSU [Poster] [Video]
Yu, Lucas, GaTech [Poster] [Video]

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