Careers in Transportation Module

Careers in Transportation Module

Welcome to Careers in Transportation, a 1-credit seminar offered Fall 2022 at the University of Florida.

This 10-hour module includes activities and assignments for you to learn about a wide range of transportation careers. Along the way, you will explore your personal interests as they relate to the transportation industry and potential career pathways. This course does not have explicit performance-based metrics. Rather, the course focuses on affective objectives related to knowledge, interest, and self-efficacy with regard to careers in the transportation field.  We hope this course will introduce career options that align with your interests and motivate you to pursue future opportunities in transportation.


There are five objectives of this module.

  1. Students will assess their personal knowledge of transportation careers by completing 100% of the questions on a pre- and post-survey.
  2. Students will share their personal interests by completing two self-assessments and writing a post for the class online discussion board that reflects on their results.
  3. Students will explain three research transportation careers by watching videos about transportation professionals and completing three Career Profiles using a provided template that they share with the class.
  4. Students will demonstrate interest in a transportation career by interviewing a professional and creating a Professional Profile using a provided template and sharing it with the class.
  5. Students will demonstrate confidence in a transportation career by discussing their professional profile and class experience with two classmates in a live group discussion and writing a personal reflection to be submitted to the instructor.


A complete description of activities and discussion prompts can be found here. Below is a table summarizing the activities and the links for each.

Activity Time Required Deliverables & Links
Pre-Survey & Introduction 1 hour
Self-Assessment 2 hours
Transportation Career Profiles 2.5 hours
  • Select and watch at least three videos of transportation professionals from Fast Forward
  • Complete three Career Profiles using the Template (post as PDFs and PNGs)
  • Complete online discussion post & response
Professional Interview & Profile 2.5 hours
  • Reach out to a professional of interest and complete an interview using the Protocol as a guide
  • Complete a Professional Profile using the Template (post as PDF and PNG)
  • Complete online discussion post & response
Career Sharing Activity & Personal Reflection 2 hours

This seminar is made possible by the STRIDE Center at the University of Florida Transportation Institute and the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC).