Public Transportation Course Modules

Note: These courses and the information contained within are solely for educational purposes and are not to be used for profit.
Assistant Professors Kari Watkins of Georgia Tech and Jeff LaMondia of Auburn University and Ph.D. student Candace Brakewood have developed public transportation course modules for undergraduate and graduate students. The development of these modules were made possible thanks to a grant from the STRIDE Center.

Undergraduate Course Modules:

Graduate Course Modules:

Generic Graduate Syllabus [PDF]

Assignments In-class Exercises Lectures
A1 – TRB Conference Assignment [Word]  In-clsss 2.1 – Handout [PDF]  L1.1 Course Overview [[PowerPoint]]
A2- Data Collection Assignment [Word]  In-class 2.2 – Handout [PDF]  L1.2 Evolution, Benefits & Challenges [PowerPoint]
A3 – Bus Facilities, Data [Excel]  In-class 4.2 – Handout [PDF]  L1.3 Comparing Transit Modes [PowerPoint]
A3 – Bus Facilities [Word]  In-class 4.3 – Handout [PDF]  L2.1 Data Types & Sources [PowerPoint]
A4 – Frequencey & Reliability, Data [Excel]  In-class 5.2 – Handout [PDF]  L2.2 Data Collection & Surveys [PowerPoint]
A4 – Frequency & Reliability [Word]  In-class 8.3 – Handout [PDF]  L3.1 Bus Capacity [PowerPoint]
A5 – Cyclic Operations, Data [Excel]  L3.2 Rail Capacity [PowerPoint]
A5 – Cyclic Operations [Word]  L4.1 Service Planning & Standards [PowerPoint]
A6 – Station Planning, Data [Excel]  L4.2 Network Design [PowerPoint]
A6 – Station Planning [Word]  L4.3 Route Design [PowerPoint]
A7 – Transit Economics [Word]  L5.1 Frequency Determination [PowerPoint]
A8 – Public Meeting [Word]  L5.2 Timetabling Components [PowerPoint]
Term Paper [Word]  L5.3 Vehicle & Crew Scheduling [PowerPoint]
 L6.1 Stop and Staion Design & Access [PowerPoint]
 L6.2 Transit-Oriented Design & Complete Streets [PowerPoint]
 L7.1 Planning Process & Alternative Analysis [PowerPoint]
 L7.2 Travel Demand Models [PowerPoint]
 L7.3 Regulation & Finance [PowerPoint]
 L8.1 Communicating with Travelers [PowerPoint]
 L8.2 Marketing & Branding [PowerPoint]
 L8.3 Fare Policy & Technology [PowerPoint]

For more information, contact:

Kari Watkins, Ph.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
790 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0355
Phone: 206-250-4414

Jeffrey LaMondia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Auburn University
238 Harbert Engineering Center
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334.844.6284