FIU K-12 Workforce Development Project 2012

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Berrin Tansel


The project will accomplish the following goals:

Goal 1Improve interest and comfort level of K-12 students and families with STEM subjects as applied to Transportation Engineering.

Goal 2Develop a STEM education and training dissemination program in Transportation Engineering.

The faculty and students at FIU will develop a regional consortium-based model with K-12 pipeline, professional societies, industry, families that will capitalize on expertise and leverages existing partnerships and resources to systematically enhance the quality and excellence in STEM education.

Planned activities

1. LEGO® Robot Vehicle Lesson Plans:

A student instructor will be hired to assist with the program. The activities will be conducted as an afterschool program. Two computers will be purchased for training and demonstration purposes. Activities will be coordinated with FIU’s computer labs. The program will be conducted for groups of no more than 20 students. It is anticipated that there will be two session offered during the year.

2. Transportation Career Day:

This activity will be coordinated by the ITS Student Chapter. The trips will be organized by faculty advisor and students to middle and high schools.

3. Family Engineering Events:

This activity will be coordinated with the Annual Engineering Gala which takes place during Engineers week at FIU. In addition, ITS students will coordinate activities with elementary schools to conduct additional interactive demonstrations.