Project A6

Project A6

Demand for Travel and Equity Assessment of Emerging Mobility Services for Transportation Disadvantaged Populations

Research Team

Eleni Bardaka, Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Noreen McDonald, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Xia Jin, Ph.D., Florida International University
Jeffrey LaMondia, Ph.D., Auburn University
Kai Monast, North Carolina State University/ITRE
Ming Lee, Lehman Center for Transportation Research/FIU

UTC Project Info

What are the researchers working on?

The overall objective of the proposed project is to provide recommendations and guidance to public agencies and other stakeholders related to the use of emerging mobility services by transportation disadvantaged groups. The project is a collaboration among four universities in the STRIDE partnership which will address this overall objective from different social angles and equity considerations.

What will this research produce? Thrust 1 will assess the service provided by existing public microtransit pilots in terms of user experience, system operation, and transportation equity. Thrust 2 will evaluate how emerging mobility services can address mobility and accessibility needs of disadvantaged populations in older adults, low-income households, and individuals requiring mobility assistance. Thrust 3 will examine
the impacts of Medicaid Transformation on transit service delivery to support local agencies by providing information and guidance on how to effectively manage Medicaid Transformation. Thrust 4 will determine the latent demands of transportation disadvantaged populations in rural, suburban, and urban communities that a) may be added to the current travel demands or b) adapted from current travel demands due to the additional accessibility provided by connected and autonomous vehicles.