STRIDE Student Poster Showcase/Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 competition!

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Name Abstract Title University
Ahmed, Ishtiak Lane Change Rates at Freeway Weaving Sites: Trends in HCM6 and from NGSIM Trajectories  FIU
Arafat, Mahmoud Return on Investment of Connected Vehicles Considering Roadway Safety Impact NCSU
Azizi, Leila Use of Connected Vehicle Data for the Estimation of Safety Performance Considering Emerging Technology Adoption FIU
Brown, Christopher Strategies for Mitigating Congestion in Small Urban and Rural Areas The Citadel
Hu, Guojing Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Based Discrete Transportation Network Design JSU
Kim, Han Gyol Benefit Analysis of a Video Based Automatic Incident Detection Technology GaTech
Kiriazes, Becca The Impact of Navigation Apps on Travel Behavior GaTech
Kontou, Ria U.S. School Travel in 2017 UNC
Lee, Taehun Conflict Point Safety Performance Functions for the Planning Level Safety Evaluation of Alternative Intersections NCSU
Omdivar, Aschkan Optimizing Intersection Operations under Conventional and Automated Vehicle Traffic  UF
Pacal, Gokmen A Systematic Approach for Quantification of the Impact of Transportation Investments on Congestion Mitigation UAB
Pourmehrab, Mahmoud Optimizing Signalized Intersections Performance under Conventional and Automated Vehicles Traffic  UF
Ransom, Matthew James South Carolina Pedestrian and Cyclist Clearing House The Citadel
Saha, Rajib Pattern Recognition using Clustering Analysis to Support Freeway Management, Operations, and Modeling  FIU
Saha, Troyee Performance Evaluation of Late Merge Work Zone Control UAB
Samandar, Shoaib Arterial Traffic Signal Data Fusion: An Integrated Performance Measurement Framework NCSU
Sanskruti, Joshi Making the Most of Automated Passenger Counter (APC) Data: A Standardized Approach GaTech
Sarjana, Sahila A Method to Synthesize TNC-Aware Population Microdata Sample UAB
Saroj, Abhilasha Jairam Operational Evaluation of Do Not Block the Box Campaigns  GaTech
Tariq, Mosammat Tahnin Methodology to Derive Route Diversion during Freeway Incident Conditions Based on Field Data FIU
Wolfe, Mary Healthcare transportation services: Policy Shifts and the influence of shared mobility UNC
Yuan, Quan Urban Freight and Road Safety in the Era of E-commerce  UNC