Poster Showcase – 2017 UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region

Assessing the Effects of Various Factors on the Driving Ability of Individuals: A State-of-the-Art Review of the Existing Practices [view poster]
Olumide Abioye, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

Analysis of Performance Measures at Signalized Intersections in Mixed Autonomous & Conventional Traffic Conditions [view poster]
Adekunle Adebisi, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

Safety Impacts of Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic [view poster]
Ramin Arvin, University of Tennessee (student)

Modeling the Risk of Wrong-Way Driving Entry at the Exit Ramp Terminals of Full Diamond Interchanges [view poster]
Md. Atiquzzaman, Auburn University (student)

Estimation of Freeway Platooning Measures Using Surrogate Measures Based on Connected Vehicle Data [view poster]
Leila Azizi, Florida International University (student)

Understanding People’s Preference & Their Willingness to Pay for Advanced Safety Features in Automobiles [view poster]
Surya Prasanna Kumar Balusu, University of South Florida (student)

Empirical Support for Human Factors Guidelines for Tip Card Design [posted soon]
Megan Bayles, Florida State University (staff)

Path-Based Travel Time Reliability Using Truck GPS Data [view poster]
Santosh Bhattarai, University of Memphis (student)

Commercial Vehicle Parking’s Influence on Interstate Ramp Crashes [view poster]
Alexandra Boggs, University of Tennessee (student)

Transportation & Residential Location Outlooks of the Millennial Generation [view poster]
Les Brown, University of Florida (student)

Novel Application of the Falling Weight Deflectometer Test: Detection of Surface & Subsurface Distresses [view poster]
Anirban Chatterjee, Georgia Institute of Technology (student)

Driver Behavior in Mixed Connected-Automated & Conventional Vehicle Traffic at a Freeway Merge [view poster]
Sneha Chityala, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

Reducing Cement Usage of Florida Structural Concrete by Optimizing Aggregate Gradation & Minimizing Paste Content [view poster]
Hung-Wen Chung, University of Florida (student)

Signal Timing Optimization with Consideration of Environment & Safety Impacts [view poster]
Gustavo de Andrade, University of Florida (student)

Creating Safe Routes to School in Rural Florida Communities [view poster]
Austen Dole, University of Florida (student)

Optimize the Location of Managed Lanes Access Segment for Efficient Cross Weaving in Freeway Facilities [unavailable]
Dr. Shen Dong, University of Florida

Binary Probit Crash Analysis for Various Curve & Grade Conditions [view poster]
Mehrnaz Doustmohammadi, University of Alabama -Huntsville (student)

A Joint Trajectory & Signal Optimization Model for Connected Automated Vehicles at Signalized Intersections & Work Zones [view poster]
Amir Ghiasi, University of South Florida (student)

Random Utility-based Accessibility Measurement for Orlando, Metropolitan Statistical Area [unavailable]
Mengjie Han, University of Florida (student)

Close or Far from Home? An Investigation on Location of Elderly Pedestrian Crashes [view poster]
Henrick Haule, University of North Florida (student)

Pedestrian Safety with Personal Listening Devices [view poster]
Janelle Horton, North Carolina A&T State University (student)

Evaluation of Recurrent & Non-recurrent Congestion in the Birmingham Region [view poster]
Md. Ahsanul Islam, University of Alabama at Birmingham (student)

Data Sources & Measures for Transportation Performance Management [view poster]
Md. Ahsanul Islam, University of Alabama at Birmingham (student)

Identifying the Contributing Factors of Motorcycle Fatality Rates in the USA – An Exploratory National Data Analysis [view poster]
Dr. Mouyid Islam, University of South Florida

The Impacts of Electric Vehicle Penetration & Electricity Generation Mix on Emissions in the U.S.[unavailable]
Dr. Roxana Javid, Savannah State University

Port Recovery in the Aftermath of Oil Spill Incident [view poster]
Md. Sultan Ali, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Atlantic University (student)

What Measures of Driving Volatilities Best Explain Crash Frequency at Intersections? [view poster]
Mohsen Kamrani, University of Tennessee (student)

Applying Markov Decision Process & Reinforcement Learning to Understand Driving Decisions in Connected Vehicle Systems [view poster]
Mohsen Kamrani, University of Tennessee (student)

Operational Impacts of Freeway Congestion on Adjacent Arterials: Jacksonville Case Study [view poster]
Alican Karaer, University of North Florida (student)

Interface Design for the Vulnerable Road User Mobility Assistance Platform Project [view poster]
Daniel Kavanaugh, Virginia Tech/VTTI (student)

Data Infrastructure-Enabled Connected-Autonomous Vehicle Operations in Mixed Traffic [view poster]
Sakib Khan, Clemson University (student)

Assessment of the Benefits of Queue Warning in a Connected Vehicle Environment Based on Surrogate Safety Measures [view poster]
Samaneh Khazraeian, Florida International University (student)

Incorporating Travel Time Reliability in Predicting the Likelihood of Aging Drivers’ Severe Crashes Using Dirichlet Random Effect Regression [view poster]
Emmanuel Kidando, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

Real-time Estimation of Secondary Crashes Likelihood Using a Bayesian Network Model [view poster]
Angela Kitali, Florida International University (student)

Assessing the Factors That Affect the Public Engagement with Department of Transportation Twitter Accounts [view poster]
Ayberk Kocatepe, Florida State University (student)

Evaluation of Bus Routes Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Free Disposal Hull (FDH) Approaches [view poster]
Stavroula Manta, Florida Atlantic University (student)

Safety Impact of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles for Older Drivers [view poster]
Jaqueline Masaki, Florida A&M University- Florida State University (student)

Safety Evaluation of the Advanced Stop Assist System in Connected Vehicle Environment [view poster]
Gwamaka Njobelo, University of North Florida (student)

Educating Aging Drivers about New Traffic Control Devices: A Human Factors Checklist & Dissemination Plan [view poster]
Andrew Paedae, PRISM Project Coordinator, Florida State University

Investigation & Guidelines for Mass Concrete Construction Management [view poster]
Jisoo Park, Georgia Institute of Technology (student)

Performance Analysis of Conventional & Diverging Diamond Interchanges [unavailable]
Sung Jun Park, Georgia Institute of Technology (student)

Marine Container Terminal Cooperation: A Nash Bargaining Approach [view poster]
Karlis Pujats, University of Memphis (student)

Development of Eco-Approach & Departure at Signalized Intersections: Application in a Real-World Connected Vehicle Environment [view poster]
Minazur Rahman, Clemson University (student)

Comparative Analysis of Simulation Tools Used for Shared Mobility Modeling [view poster]
Furat Salman, University of Alabama at Birmingham (student)

Assessment of Potential Impacts of Connected Autonomous Vehicles on Mobility & Conflicts in a Work Zone: A Microsimulation-Based Approach [view poster]
Fehintola Sanusi, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

Don’t Block the Box: Blocking Behavior Effect on Intersection Performance [unavailable]
Abhilasha Saroj, Georgia Institute of Technology (student)

Highway Capacity Manual Methodologies for Corridors Involving Freeways & Surface Streets [view poster]
Fabio Sasahara, University of Florida (student)

Modeling the Most Preferred Way of Using Autonomous Vehicles: Some New Evidences Based on a Stated-Choice Survey [view poster]
Parvathy Vinod Sheela, University of South Florida (student)

Disaggregate Market Penetration Prediction Model for Autonomous Vehicle Technology in Freight Organizations [view poster]
Jesse Simpson, University of Memphis (student)

A Software Tool for Freeway Travel Time Reliability Analysis: Development & Testing [view poster]
Wei Sun, University of Florida (student)

Performance Evaluation of Choice Set Generation Algorithms for Modeling Truck Route Choice: Insights from Large Streams of Truck-GPS Data [view poster]
Divyakant Tahlyan, University of South Florida (student)

Acceleration Distance Provision to Accommodate Trucks on Metered Ramps [view poster]
Mosammat Tahnin Tariq, Florida International University (student)

Preliminary Capacity Analysis of Freeway Capacity with Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) [view poster]
Oluwatosin Theophilus, FAMU-Florida State University (student)

An Investigation of Crash Proximity to the Residential Locations of Crash Occupants [view poster]
Mehmet Ulak, Florida State University (student)

Vulnerability Assessment to the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in the Transportation Infrastructure of Cedar Key, Florida [view poster]
Luiz Ungericht, University of Florida (student)

Operational Effects to Difference Modes at Signalized Intersections from Differing Geometries, Signal Systems & Volume Levels [view poster]
Tyler Valila, University of Florida (student)

Vulnerability of Motorcycle Users to Injury Crashes: A Heterogeneity-Based Case-Control Analysis [view poster]
Behram Wali, University of Tennessee (student)

Improve Sight Distance at Signalized Ramp Terminals of Partial Cloverleaf Interchanges to Deter Wrong-Way Entries [view poster]
Jin Wang, Auburn University (student)

Impact of Freeway Deceleration Lane Length on Naturalistic Driving Speed & Deceleration Rates [view poster]
Dan Xu, Auburn University (student)

Field Implementation & Verification of Directional Rumble Strips to Deter Wrong-Way Freeway Entries [view poster]
Chennan Xue, Auburn University (student)

Accessibility & Neighborhood Quality: A Parcel-Level Evaluation of Housing Choice Voucher Locations in Duval County [view poster]
Xinyuan Yang, University of Florida (student)

Optimizing Transportation Networks Based on Ecological Suitability: An Innovative Approach to Integrating Non-Motorized Transportation Efficiency with Urban Ecology [view poster]
Ruiyuan Yang, University of Florida (student)

Parameter Adjustment Function for Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors in Dynamic Construction Proximity Applications [view poster]
Xiaoyu Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology (student)

Are Older Adults Prone to More Severe Crashes Farther Away from Home? An Exploratory Assessment Using Florida Data [view poster]
Abraham Yarney, University of Florida (student)

Identifying & Analyzing Extreme Lane Change Events Using Basic Safety Messages in a Connected Vehicle Environment [view poster]
Meng Zhang, University of Tennessee (student)